Why Build in Steel?

50 year warranty *Conditions Apply
100% recyclable
Straight and true, will not warp, or shrink
Durable, strong and lightweight
100% termite proof, no need for chemicals

Benefits for the Home Owner

A Steel Frame Solutions steel house frame is the best way to protect your investment from damage caused by termite infestation and also the best way to protect your family as steel framing is totally chemical free. Steel Frame Solutions frames are engineered for life giving you a trouble-free solution that is non-combustible and will not shrink, warp or rot.

Steel framing from Steel Frame Solutions offers you greater design freedom than other materials. Open-plan living is integral with contemporary designs and steel framing is the best way to achieve maximum open spaces.

For the environmentally-conscious home owner, steel framing is 100% recyclable and currently 60% of all steel used in Australia is made from recycled scrap. When steel is recycled it can be recreated to exact performance and structural criteria, unlike timber products that always become a lesser grade, lesser quality product. To put steel framing into perspective an average steel house frame can be fabricated by recycling around 6 cars. Alternatively the use of a timber frame will consume around 40 to 50 trees.

Finally all Steel Frame Solutions frames are covered by a 50 year warranty provided by Bluescope Steel which gives you even greater peace of mind.

Benefits for the Builder

Steel Frame Solutions steel frames are quick to erect and the basic construction principles are the same as a timber frame. Pre-fabrication and modern fixing techniques make construction simple. Follow on trades have the added benefit of pre-punched holes for services which means no more drilling. Steel Frame Solutions frames are dimensionally stable so they will not twist, warp, sag or shrink. A steel frame will stay perfectly straight which equals fewer call-backs. When using steel frames, you can have more homes under construction at any time as the weather will not alter the quality of the frame and you will not have to straighten walls to prepare for plasterboard.

Steel framing is 100% termite proof so there is no need for any expensive chemical barriers. That's not the only OH&S benefit. Due to the use of high tensile steel a Steel Frame Solutions frame is lightweight so that means you no longer have to break your back and this means an easier day for you and your team. That said you can actually run smaller construction teams and with less expensive tools. Pre-fabrication reduces site wastage and a cleaner site, also means less likelihood of any trips or injuries.

Standardised lead times and on-time deliveries not only help you plan your time but also reduce the risk of theft from site. Due to our extensive client base throughout Victoria and South Australia, we always have deliveries covering these States. So if theft occurs we can get new materials out to you within a short period of time, again keeping you on time with your construction.

Steel Frame Solutions not only offers steel frames but also structural steel, intermediate floor systems, roof battens and ceiling battens. We can also offer you design assistance for existing plans or new designs. Every Steel Frame Solutions frame comes with structural certification and all steel frames are engineered for life. Another major benefit of building with Steel Frame Solutions is that your reputation and your customers are covered by a 50 year warranty provided by Bluescope Steel.

Benefits for the Designer/Architect

Steel Frame Solutions frames are the smart choice for Australia's leading designers and builders. Steel frames are easy and fast to erect, and strong and lightweight. Steel Frame Solutions steel trusses offer excellent spanning capabilities, so both designers and home owners can enjoy newfound freedom with large open space contemporary designs.

We constantly seek innovations in technology and also in the solutions we deliver, our design skills and tools are so highly advanced we can manufacture our products to suit almost any floor plan or construction style. Consistent product quality and a high level of accuracy provide designers with assurance of strong, versatile and attractive designs that are engineered for life.

Steel Frame Solutions frames are compatible with all other building products, internal and external linings, and they are well suited for steep or sloping sites. Steel frames are ideal for termite infected areas; they are non-combustible and are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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