Australian Metal Only

Steel Frame Solutions is proud of the fact that they only use and trust Australian made, produced, and owned steel.

The steel that we use in all of our projects is made from Australian metal produced from Australian ores. All of our steel is manufactured by BlueScope Steel then sent to our Victorian factory to be produced into the steel frames used in all of our projects. By keeping our product 100% Australian made we benefit from a higher level of quality for our products, reduced transporting fees for our materials, faster turnaround times, and knowing that we are supporting local hardworking Australians and their family’s by keeping the jobs here in Australia.

When you choose Steel Frame Solutions you choose to support Australian workers who work day and night to produce world-class leading products.

By using only Australian made steel, we know that whatever we use that steel for will be tough enough to survive even the hottest Australian summers or the icy cold Australian winter.

Australian steel. Australian workers. Australian quality.

Who we are

Steel frames have always been a major component of modern architecture. The benefits of building with steel have long been recognised in commercial construction by architects, engineers and builders alike.

It's only natural that one of the world's strongest, most durable materials should progress into residential building. The consistent quality, precision and incredible strength-to-weight ratio make Steel Frame Solutions' high tensile steel frames the ideal building material for modern homes.

From our extensive manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia, we supply steel frame solutions to a diverse group of customers across the continent. Not surprisingly, we now enjoy an unequalled reputation as Australia's leading manufacturer of residential steel house frames..

At Steel Frame Solutions, we are not in the business of delivering goods then leaving customers to their own devices. We're a complete structural solutions business. We provide support from the start right through to completion.
It is at the design stage that new home buyers need to make vital decisions about which framing material to use. Health, safety, cost and of course appearance all need to be considered. Whilst many aspects of the home such as fittings and fixtures can be changed during construction, the home's 'skeleton' is a once only decision.

Steel Frame Solutions'  extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacture and supply of steel frames ensures unsurpassed consistency, accuracy and quality. We are dedicated to using and developing leading-edge technologies, state-of-the-art systems, and processes to ensure we remain at the forefront of an industry segment that will ultimately overtake timber frames.

As you would expect of the biggest steel frame and steel truss producer in Australia, we hold full ISO accreditation and have strong working relationships with some of Australia's leading builders and suppliers including BlueScope Steel.

Our product and services are second to none. In becoming the number one steel frame manufacturing business in the nation, we have worked closely with our customers with the single-minded aim of fully understanding their business and special needs in order for us to provide them with the best solutions possible.

These are just some of the reasons why Steel Frame Solutions is fast becoming the preferred choice for more and more astute customers. Perhaps we should be working together to build a brighter future for you and your business.

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